Trade like Never Before

Trading is simple, but not easy

I will show you how to logically analyse the charts and follow institutional traders

using real time data streams, footprint and volume tools

What is my trading based on

Supply and Demand
Smart Money
Real Volume
Footprint Charts
Market Profile

Why Choose Me

I am a full time trader, trading a live account, I share my statement and withdrawals for you to see transparently.

As TVT we ONLY trade GBPUSD and have developed a relationship with this backtesting and spotting patterns for 2 years+

to refine our strategy and develop a golden set up scenario for execution



TVT have nothing to hide, we share statements and withdrawals on IG and discord.




if you are struggling with entries, we teach you how to find precision entries with confidence and logic




save yourself stress of analysing multiple pairs....MASTER ONE




Mentoring, Guidance, Support

TVT discord with mentors and educators to answer questions and refine you understanding of the course teachings

What's My Students Say

  • theenglishsamurai

Overall, the course is outstanding! This will save traders, especially new ones their time, money and they won’t have to worry if they are getting the right knowledge.

  • pipsfactory

I believe with all the content posted, if someone truly wants it bad enough within 60-90 days or less they can absolutely master this style with ease, but they have to put the work in. New courses are awesome, Complete A to Z.

  • mantscherjax

I have learned more than anywhere else. (I’ve already left some money elsewhere)
I also enjoy the group. For me as a beginner it is still difficult to understand everything so quickly, but 1pair & 1 TF has so much more sense for me.

  • Sagres-damage

Thanks for all effort and knowledge shared on this amazing community. course could not be more simple and precise….here we find all the tools to success, now just depend on each one of us the effort we gonna put in to it. After two years of trading I feel that I am where I was suppose to be and finding my edges here.

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Questions & Answers

  • What is the difference between TICK Volume and REAL Volume?

    Tick Volume is the volume you see in your MT4/MT5 terminal, it is the sum of price changes within a particular candle, it doesn't contain the size traded at this particular price. It's just the sum of price updates. The major problem is that this tick volume differs significantly between various brokers. From my point of view, tick volume has nothing to do with actual volume at all.
    Real trading volume contains in-depth trading data including the direction and size of the trades that are currently being placed

  • How did you get the real volume?

    I use the real volume from Futures market, for GBPUSD these are 6B contracts.

  • What are the Footprint Charts?

    Footprint charts are a type of candlestick charts that provides additional information, such as trade volume and order flow, in addition to price. The picture on the left is an example of footprint - showing the actual inner workings of what is happening as the candles are printed. 

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